As a life-long designer and art director, I intuitively view subject matter in two dimensions. "Reducing" matter into shapes, textures, colors, and eliminating all forms of distractions. This is how I define abstract art; more specifically, abstract photography.

Regardless of content: An iconic orange dune of Namibia, a road's subtle curve, a beautifully-designed building; the great majority of my images reflect how I interpret what I intuitively see.

-Dennis Barnett, December 2019 



I am an instructor of photography at the Highland Park Art Center in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, where I teach Composition and Abstract Photography.

I am also available for private instruction, at your home or on location. I emphasize the philosophy of how we see our environment and the concept of "keeping it simple," so we concentrate on taking beautiful photographs, and why we use we use the tools we choose; the end result being more enjoyment of the art. Please contact me for additional information and availability.



I am available for a wide range of assignments. My clients over 30+ years have included corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations, as well as individuals who aspire to market a product or service. 

All images on this site are for sale. Please inquire. 


The ancient pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

The ancient pyramids of Giza, Egypt.