As a life-long designer and photographer, I intuitively view subject matter in two dimensions. "Reducing" matter into shapes, textures, colors, and eliminating all forms of distractions.

Regardless of content — An iconic orange dune of Namibia, a river's subtle curve, an individual’s facial expression; the great majority of my images reflect how I interpret what I intuitively see.

When I photograph people, I strive to connect with them as they appear in life, rather than static poses. A little movement, a natural emotion, interacting with others; this defines my “life” photography.

-Dennis Barnett, June 2019, Lincolnshire, Illinois



I am an instructor of photography at the Highland Park Art Center in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where I teach Composition; Camera Basics; and Abstract Photography, where we discover new ways of looking at form, color, and texture.

I am also available for private instruction. I emphasize how we view our environment, creative subject selection, and why and how we intuitively use the tools we choose; the end result being more gratification of the art.

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I am available for a wide breadth of assignments. My clients have included individuals, companies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Additional samples of my work are available upon request.

All images on this site are for sale. Please enquire. 


Calla Lily

Calla Lily